The extreme performance team King of Connexionz, combining taekwondo with breakdancing, acrobatics and gymnastics, performing as last year’s KORUS Festival. This year's festival at Bull Run Park in Centreville will feature a visit from the mayor of Gwangju, "the Kimchi Capital of the World." (Danny Lee)

Admission to the KORUS Festival is free, and among the highlights are a kimchi demonstration by Un-Tae Kang, the mayor of Gwangju, South Korea, which has been declared the “Kimchi Capital of the World.” The mayor will also be joined by Marja Vongerichten, who hosts the PBS show “The Kimchi Chronicles,” and Phillip Lee, who owns the “Kimchi Taco Food Truck” in New York City. Both will be recognized as Ambassadors of Kimchi, which seems only fair, considering their kimchi-related accomplishments to date.

[Did you know kimchi was considered one of the five healthiest foods in the world? High fiber, low calories, many nutrients. Now you know.]

On the serious tip, KORUS Festival spokeswoman Stacey Williams pointed out that the American Diabetes Association will be there to discuss the growing number of diabetes cases in the Korean community, and Walgreens will be providing free flu shots on Sunday. There will also be a kids zone with live animals, a talent show, a singing contest, and lots of tasty Korean food.

And the festival is also hoping for a Gangnam Style flash mob, which if anyone sends me a video, you know I will post. Haven’t heard of Gangnam Style? Heck, there’s a Major League Baseball video using it now, in slightly disturbing fashion (did Bryce Harper consent to this?). The dance moves seems to involve a combination of horse-riding and slightly more lewd movements. But here’s the video that started it all, a 150-million-hit YouTube world sensation starring the Korean rapper PSY. Enjoy: