The White House replica house on Towlston Road in McLean, Va. It actually survived the alien death ray in “Independence Day.” (Chu Nguyen)

It’s on Towlston Road, just north of Leesburg Pike, and it’s been there since 1996, though it’s probably not visible from the road. The owner wants to remain anonymous, but he is Vietnamese and built it because “he wanted to pay tribute to America’s history and culture,” according to the realtor, Chu Nguyen. “The U.S. took him in.”

It’s “12,000+ square feet of Presidential living,” the MLS listing assures the reader. Yeah, but I bet the heating bill is a b...large one. [Nguyen says it’s the same as the owner’s previous 3,600-square foot house.]

The side entrance, for family, friends and Rahm Emanuel. (Chu Nguyen)

Fairfax County approved the plans in 1992. Construction took another three years, and the family moved in in 1996, then spent another two years to finish off the details. And what details they are:

Six bedrooms. Seven full and two half bathrooms. Gym. Wine cellar. Elevator. Party room for 100. Home theater. An entrance hall with 14-foot ceilings and “elegant white veined marble.

So why leave? Nguyen said it was simply the “empty nest” syndrome, that the family’s children had moved out. How many children, 15? “Two,” Nguyen said.

Here’s the listing, with more photos and stats.

Amy Rose Dobson of first reported this and used up all the intern jokes.

Turns out there are a number of White House replicas around the world, according to our pals at the Googles. Somebody in Atlanta put one up for sale a couple of years ago, if you can believe The New York Times.

HT to M. Tousignant, Annandale, Va.

“I could definitely see the tetherball court going over here somewhere, yeah.” (Chu Nguyen)