Here’s a quick review of the key NoVa transportation news of the moment:

Would The Outer Beltway look like this someday? Get the protest signs out. (Linda Davidson - TWP)

On the semi-good news front, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is going all-out to obtain $1.7 billion in federal financing that would have a huge impact on the tolls drivers will pay in the future. This story by the Fairfax County Times’ Holly Hobbs says the tolls would be reduced by $4 a trip if the authority gets the financing. That’s a reduction, in 2020, from $10.75 to $6.75 for a full trip. Still, $6.75? Remember when the tolls were...oh forget it.

And finally, The Post’s Ashley Halsey has a very smart look at the latest attempt to raise the issue of a north-south highway connecting Loudoun and Prince William counties, or The Outer Beltway. It’s in the discussion phase, but as those two counties continue to boom, and with former Prince William board chairman Sean Connaughton now the state Transportation secretary, it’s getting a more serious look.