Trudy Harsh got tired of waiting for governments and committees to house those with mental illness, so she bought nine townhouses to rent to those with mental illness. She recently received a national award and $10,000 for her work. (James A. Parcell/for The Washington Post)

Now the National Association of Realtors has bestowed their national ”Good Neighbor Award” on Harsh for having an impact on her community, one of eight five people recognized. The Brain Foundation will get a $10,000 check plus a $2,000 gift card from Lowe’s, which Harsh said would go promptly to upgrades for the houses.

The backstory of Harsh and her significant contribution to mental health in Northern Virginia is here in 2007 and here last summer, and you can help the Brain Foundation by going here.

But really you should watch this beautifully made video by the National Association of Realtors, in which Harsh describes the vital work she does.