American Girl dolls outside the Tysons Corner Center store. “This is D.C.? This isn’t how Barbie described it at ALL.” (Matt McClain for The Washington Post)


What exactly is American Girl? you ask. Well, you clearly are not a 12-year-old female. An American Girl doll is 18” tall, costs $100 (!!!!), gets $30 hairdos and $12 facials. A doll that gets a facial. Terrific.

There are American Girl stores where you can buy not only the dolls but the accessories, the facials, and also sit down for a bite to eat (presumably real). A throng of thousands is expected to greet the opening of the new, 23,000-square foot, two-story store in Tysons, according to this story in Capital Business.

But that throng may be diminished considerably if they head to Tysons Corner in Washington, D.C.