“Come on baby, let me show you my HOT lanes.” (Shamus Ian Fatzinger)

Now does anyone actually live in Tysons Corner, which only recently got its own mailing address? Approximately 19,380 folks do, Money says, though finding them through the traffic maelstrom might be tough. Money acknowledges that most of the hot rich singles in Tysons are only there during work hours, “so mining for prospects is a 9-to-5 affair.” (Is this a hunting or a mining expedition? So confusing.) It also says 32.1 percent of Tysons residents are single, though it doesn’t say how many of those are under 70.

Next after Tysons? Beverly Hills, California. Such a dump that, compared to the stunning vistas of Tysons I AND Tysons II.

Checking in at seventh on the list is Arlington, where people actually live and play, and Number 20 is fabulous Herndon, with its “bustling community calendar” (and Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern). Alexandria follows at Number 23, as “the perfect place to snap up a well-connected politico.” If snapping up is your thing.

The entire list of unintentional comedy is here.