“Yell if you see a parking spot.” “We’re almost in Maryland.” (JAHI CHIKWENDIU/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Uh, not exactly.

According to today’s article by Post Tysons Corner bureau chief Kafia Hosh, there will be NO parking at the Tysons Metro stations. Zero. Not even for your scooter. This is part of Fairfax County’s plan to create a mixed-use, downtown-like place. Which is fine, but when people drive to the new Metro and find they can’t park there, they’re going to have downtown-like violence. Because there simply aren’t that many people who live within walking distance of the new stations, and that part of the mixed-use development is much more than two years away.

The malls, of course, don’t want you parking there, taking up space needed for the patrons of Spencer’s Gifts or Montblanc pens. The hotels and office buildings need their spaces. “It’s a huge issue,” Supervisor John Foust told Hosh.

Fairfax transportation officials are reaching out to landowners to see who might want to rent out parking space for a few years to commuters, in the hopes of having 500 to 1,200 spaces available by 2013. (Which seems like not very many.) And there are hopes of getting shuttle buses up and running someday.

But “in the the long term,” said Leonard Wolfenstein, Fairfax’s chief of transportation planning, “people are going to have to adapt, find other ways to get to these Metro stations.” Read the rest of Hosh’s fine story here.