Here’s a guy practicing his parkour skills in Berlin last month. But can he get the creamed chipped beef over home fries there, like he can at the Virginian Restaurant? I think not. (Markus Schreiber/Associated Press)

And Vienna police say a man and a teenager were trying it last week on top of the Virginian Restaurant, the classic family diner in a mall just off Maple Street behind Jammin Java. Except one of the parkouriers got stuck, and the Fairfax County fire department had to be called to get the teenager off the roof.

Vienna Officer Bill Murray reports that about 8:40 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 27, someone spotted two people on the roof of the Virginian, and when an officer arrived, the adult was on the ground, and the teen was still on the roof. After he was extracted, both were “counseled” by the officer, but neither was charged, Murray said. In some places where parkour is big, local governments have outlawed it. Not sure if Vienna needs to take that step just yet.

The most spectacular example of parkour I’ve ever seen was the opening sequence of the James Bond “Casino Royale” remake with Daniel Craig. We can’t post that here, or the copyright police will come and shoot my computer. But here are some British guys jumping around on buildings and seemingly enjoying themselves: