Kellyanne McAbee tries to guess someone’s weight at the Prince William County fair. Now, you’ve REALLY got to wonder if those scales are accurate. (LARRY KOBELKA/FTWP)

According to this detailed examination of state records by, not a single scale in Loudoun County was inspected last year. Program manager Dale Saunders told reporter Jenny Rogers that routine audits of grocery scales are rare, and that the two inspectors mainly only inspect stores where complaints have been filed.

This results in discrepancies like rockfish costing 27 cents per pound more than it should, shrimp costing 29 cents too much--stuff that can add up.

“We’re struggling down here,” Saunders said. “Every year we go into the General Assembly and say, ‘please give us more money’...They just blow it off and say ‘no.’ ”

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