People magazine profiled Evan Moss, 7, last month and flew him and his family to Ohio to possibly meet his future “seizure dog,” which he won’t receive until next summer. (People magazine)

And that’ll buy a lot of Pokemon cards for the Pokemon-crazed second-grader at Rose Hill Elementary School. So go vote for him, said the objective reporter.

Evan, with tuberous sclerosis complex and epilepsy, learned that he could get a dog who would stay with him day and night, and help him through the sometimes dangerous seizures he endures daily. But the dog cost $13,000. Evan then undertook to write a book about what he would do with “My Seizure Dog,” to raise the money. The book, illustrated by Evan and with his prose typed up by his mother Lisa, proceeded to sell hugely, and raise $42,000 so far, enough money for Evan and five other children to get seizure dogs.

The eight candidates challenging Evan for “Reader’s Choice Hero” include some deserving nominees, such as five mothers who lost their children in the same year and a judge who created a school for juvenile delinquents. But none of them is seven years old and overcoming the obstacles Evan’s already faced. And I’ll bet none of them even knows who Arceus and Regigigas are.

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