Irving C. "Swerve" Honesty. The ATF does not know where to find Honesty. (ATF)

But as Billy Joel once wrote, “Honesty is hardly ever heard.” And when “Swerve” Honesty realized he was about to be arrested, he was hardly ever heard or seen again, ATF Special Agent Mike Campbell said Thursday. He took off running, swerved through a bunch of ATF agents, and now no one knows where to find Honesty any more.

A federal affidavit states that an informant negotiated the transaction with Honesty, but that when Honesty appeared, he brought only $200 and 18 Ecstasy pills. Honesty allegedly handed over his partial payment, the agent gave Honesty a bag of fake guns and told him he could pay the rest later, the affidavit states. Campbell, in light of the ATF’s “Fast and Furious” debacle, emphasized the fakeness of the guns.

Then “the cover team moved in,” Campbell said, Honesty dropped the guns and “outran a lot of people.” He is listed as 5’6”, 155 pounds. He is charged with all sorts of federal and state charges. If you know where Honesty is these days, call the ATF at 1-800-ATF-GUNS.

And here is Billy Joel, claiming that everyone is so untrue: