This woman was in the minority of respondents to The Post poll. Or she’d just had it with this whole Powerball thing. (Scott Griessel - Creatista)

The Post recently took a poll of 1,152 adult residents of the D.C. to ask them about their job and life satisfaction in these crazy modern times. For reasons still unclear to many, the editors handed the results to me, and I have written my first-ever piece for the Sunday Post Magazine about our shocking, collective bliss.

I interviewed dozens of folks from around the area (venturing beyond The State, even), and interspersed their insights with a tasteful dose of statistics. Statistics such as:75 percent of the respondents said the role work played in their lives was “about right,” 81 percent said their work was rewarding, and 87 percent said they were completely or somewhat satisfied with their job. Reasons why are speculated upon, and those in the unhappy minority are in there too.

For much more, pick up a copy of the Sunday Post Magazine, or just click here. If you can stand all that happiness.