We now know that rapidly disintegrating former actor Charlie Sheen got a “Code 1” police escort from the D.C. police for his “show” in the District the other night, blasting from Dulles Airport to Constitution Hall at excessive speeds. How do we know? Sheen sent out a photo on Twitter:

Charlie Sheen tweets en route to his D.C. show. (Twitter.com/© TWITTER/CHARLIESHEEN)

But reader Scott Wright wonders: “Can you instead ask why Virginia allows D.C. police and Sheen (and anyone else the D.C. government chooses) to drive 80 mph on our (Virginia’s) roads?”

The short answer: All four NoVa police forces say they didn’t know it was happening.

In any sort of legitimate police escort from Dulles, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority would be notified and involved, protocols would be invoked, heads bowed, etc. Spokeswoman Tara Hamilton says the airport police were not notified.

The Sheen motorcade would probably have taken off down the Dulles access road to I-66, entering the jurisdiction of Fairfax County. Again, no notice, a spokeswoman said. The Virginia State Police might have been troubled by the presence of a high-speed non-pursuit on the interstate, and Sheen’s photo looks like I-66. But again, no notice to the state police.

Finally, a zoom through Arlington on I-66, where police noted that “Code 1” for any dignitary — much less a celebrity going to a “comedy performance” — is simply not done. But Arlington didn’t know The Sheen was coming, either.

So there’s your answer, Scott. NoVa was merely the unwitting passthrough for the Violent Torpedo of ... whatever.