Tony Manero survived. But will you? (File photo)

The horrific incident happened in April 2010 at a Sweet Sixteen dance, according to Robert M. Somer, the lawyer who filed the suit. He said the victim, Ana Guevara Blanco, suffered a concussion, a fractured nose and facial bones, was hospitalized, and ran up about $15,000 in hospital bills. After some plastic surgery, her nose still doesn’t look the way it once did, Somer said.

How the vicious disco ball actually came unmoored from the ceiling and launched its predatory attack has not been determined, Somer said. The suit alleges the Moose Lodge, on Beulah Road Street, “negligently failed to warn persons using the dance floor of the danger should the disco ball become dislodged from the ceiling and fall.” Presumably the sign should say: “WARNING: Entering this dance floor may subject you to falling objects or ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie.’”

The good folks at the Franconia Moose Lodge declined to comment.