The possibility that Virginia will mint its own currency, in the event of a Federal Reserve System collapse, inched closer to reality this week. The Virginia House approved forming a joint subcommittee to study the possibility of having an alternate currency — coins, not bills — if the American monetary system goes down. Prince William Del. Bob Marshall (R) is the author, driving force and sole patron behind the bill, which is supported by a cadre of economists.

So the great minds at State of NoVa Polling LLC got together and whipped up this crucial question for the monetary ages: Which modern day Virginia icon most deserves to be enshrined on one of the new state coins? Write-in votes are allowed in the comments, mindful of the guidelines that no Virginian currently on U.S. money can be used, and that the historical categories of Founding Father Types, Southern War Hero Types and Contemporary Conservative Types are valid, but dull.

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