The recently refurbished Barns of Rose Hill. Still barns, but no longer The Barns, as the result of a settlement with The Barns of Wolf Trap. (The Barns of Rose Hill)

You’ll recall that The Barns of Rose Hill opened last September, nearly 50 years after a Clarke County farmer donated the land and two dairy barns to the town of Berryville. The community eventually raised $2.4 million to renovate the barns and turn them into a nonprofit cultural center, and shortly thereafter, Wolf Trap sent Rose Hill a letter telling it to change its name.

Wolf Trap, which for many years has operated its own barns in Vienna during the months when the Filene Center amphitheater isn’t open, then filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. It served Rose Hill with the suit earlier this month.

Officials from Rose Hill and Wolf Trap met after the lawsuit became public. Rose Hill posted a notice of the settlement on its Web site Friday night and board of directors chairwoman Ann Lesman confirmed the deal to me Sunday. In addition to calling itself Barns of Rose Hill now, the former The Barns agreed to remove “Northern Virginia” from its branding, instead becoming “A Cultural Center for the Shenandoah Valley.” Rose Hill also will not oppose Wolf Trap’s move to trademark “The Barns,” Lesman said.

“We are pleased with the settlement,” Lesman said.  “Of course, in any negotiations, each side gives a little.”

Wolf Trap officials did not respond to a request for comment.

This post has been updated to reflect that Barns of Rose Hill is only removing “Virginia” from its branding at Wolf Trap’s request, not “Northern Virginia.”