In the Virginia Lottery, you can play “Cash 5” for a buck and pick five numbers between 1 and 34. If you hit all five, you win $100,000. And at Discount Tobacco and Things on Route 1 in Woodbridge there’s a guy who came in just about every day to play Cash 5. Or there was.

According to, the guy played the same five numbers not once, not twice, but ten times on Monday. And somehow, 6-7-13-25-28 hit. Times ten. The guy’s name was not released.

Shawn Shah, the manager of Discount Tobacco and Things, said he went down to Lustine Chrysler Jeep Dodge with the news. “I told him and he’s gone now,” Shah told “He quit his job.”

And who among us hasn’t had that fantasy? “I won the lottery? Oh YEAH? Mind if I set my DESK on fire?” Although a cool million might not go as far it once did.

Amanda Stewart at dug out all the details.