The double meat combo at Dixie Bones, with all sorts of sides. (via Yelp/Steve L.)

New concrete barriers and ramps for the interchanges would keep cars from turning into both the Center and the Bones from 123, Occoquan Road and Dawson Beach Road, Bones’founder Nelson Head told Potomac Local. Widening Route 1 would also force him to demolish part of his building — the kitchen! — Head says. Prince William Board Chairman Corey Stewart is quoted as saying the changes must be made, and Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi said he will hold a town hall meeting on the matter Saturday morning.

Don’t underestimate the wrath of barbecue fans. Here’s a satellite view of the proposed “improvements” to the highways.

UPDATE, Thursday morning: Dixie Bones owner Nelson Head says he understands the need to upgrade the roads, but that shouldn’t also force taxpayers to foot the cost of relocating his restaurant:

Head: “The road designs are preliminary. Our landlord has hired traffic engineers to offer viable alternatives that would prevent Dixie Bones and the other businesses in our center from moving. This would save tax dollars from being used to move us and seems a better approach. If however VDOT refuses our input, then Dixie Bones will use taxpayers money to relocate. Given our Country and State’s poor fiscal condition, these unnecessary moving expenses seem to me a waste of time and resources.

We want the roads in the area improved more than most since we and our guests use them everyday. They have to be changed if things are going to improve in this end of Prince William County. Our landlord is spending his own money hiring engineers that in the end could save tax dollars. Seems to me our objections to the current design are proper and in the public interest.”