So this weekend at Coachella, the first iteration of this new holographic concert technology was unveiled. And I'll say flat out, this is tremendously weird. Not sure that I'd want to see this live (foul language alert). Borderline ghoulish.

Space center workers watch as the space shuttle Discovery (above) is approached by a converted NASA 747 aircraft which is being towed into the Mate Demate facility at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida April 15, 2012. (JOE SKIPPER/REUTERS)

Darryl Robinson is a courageous young man . The 19-year-old freshman at Georgetown grew up attending D.C. schools, but when he got to college, felt thoroughly under-prepared. The problem is, he'd been considered a high achiever at every school he previously attended. Robinson writes about his experience trying to play catch-up, while explaining that maybe the priorities at some of the city's institutions are putting students at a tremendous disadvantage.

Community banks and credit unions are trying to find new ways to keep up with their big corporate competitors. And in College Park, Money One Federal Credit Union has turned to technology to level the playing field. Instead of offering just your standard 3 percent interest on checking accounts, they're offering $10 in iTunes downloads a month. And for college kids, this is an easy choice. Capital Business' Abha Bhattarai explains how the system works.

I'll admit it, when T.J. Holmes left CNN last year for BET, I was stunned . The network has never been particularly responsible about what they present as entertainment, so I didn't think a journalist like Holmes would be a good fit. But BET says that his new late-night talk show, "Don't Sleep," will be a political show on par with those of Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. The Root's Richard Prince has the rest on Holmes's newest programming venture.

When Dale Hunter started Braden Holtby against the Sabres on March 27 , some thought it was stupid. The Caps needed the game and got crushed. Now that they're in the playoffs, we can see what Hunter had in mind. He had to get Holtby some big game experience before the postseason and, frankly, it's worked. The young goalie has been great so far in their 1-1 series tie with the Bruins. The Post's Katie Carrera and Barry Svrluga writes about the netminder ahead of tonight's Game 3.

Extra Bites

• I always thought Pinterest was a fun little social networking site that revolved around shopping. Now, it's apparently become a touchstone for major controversy surrounding one photograph of a kid riding in a toy car. Honestly.

• Some guy broke into Diddy's house in the Hamptons, slept in his bed, wore his clothes and then had the nerve to criticize the place as "not anything too special."

• Secret service agents weren't the only ones having fun in Colombia recently, it seems!

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