Yesterday afternoon, an incredible link showed up on my timeline courtesy of my old buddy Pablo Halkyard. The title is plainly "The 20 Greatest Sneakers in Georgetown Basketball History." I just cannot explain in English how awesome this is. C'est incroyable.

Cherry blossoms are out in Washington. (BILL O'LEARY/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Remember when that earthquake made the city crazy last year? Aside from the temporary terror that instilled in some of us, it gave us one of the more iconic images of my lifetime: people rappelling off the Washington Monument. Now, government surveyors are taking more measurements down on the Mall to see if it's possible that the obelisk tilted or sank due to the quake. This is the part of the day when you go look up the word 'geodetics.'

March 14 is an interesting day. For one, it's exactly one month after Valentine's Day. Secondly, it's also the closest calendric day we have to the mathematical constant. This is cause for celebration in many nerd circles of all types. You might use it as an excuse to eat a bunch of pizza, or just regular pie, or you can spend the day contemplating this amazing coincidence, like my girlfriend is. Or, you can read how The Post's Maggie Fazeli Fard show off her trigonometry skills.

Huge news out of Northwest D.C. this morning. The Giant Food on Newark and Wisconsin is actually going to close, because they're actually going to renovate it. This is borderline amazing for the grocery store that looks like it's been stuck in 1989 for, well, two decades plus. And of course, there will also be mixed-use development (jazz hands*) at the site, too. Capital Business' Jonathan O'Connell reports on what he calls "one of the most belabored Washington development projects in recent memory."

You have to feel bad for Dmitry Orlov. The kid sparked a tremendous Capitals comeback last night on the road in Long Island, but when he got his chance to shine in the shootout, he didn't even get a shot off. The 20-year-old was clearly nervous in his first ever attempt starting at the center circle. On a sidenote, Comcast SportsNet really needs to start playing the 'Unleash The Fury' video on actual television during the games. The Post's Tarik El-Bashir has the exciting gamer.

Extra Bites

• If I told you that there were to be a biopic about Walter Elias Disney and the lead would be played by Ryan Gosling, directed by Ron Howard, and had this sweet poster, what would you say? Too bad, it's fake. A fan made it. Hat tip to my homegirl Alissa.

• Goldman Sachs has been the focus of controversy since the market fell through, and one guy explains exactly why he's leaving the company.

• Encyclopedia Britannica is going digital and won't print books anymore. I know one kid who's bummed about it.

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