A reader responds to Robert E. Pierre’s experience at the West Virginia vs. Louisiana State football game .

The problem you encountered is one that goes on in most, if not every, college football game day environment. Your article puts another black eye on a state and University whose residents and employees do not deserve. I don’t think you have been to a game in your backyard such as the University of Maryland whose students go around and give opposing fans a Shawn Merriman” and who knock opposing fans drinks they paid good money for from there hands.

The problem you encountered is one that every Athletic Director of all Universities should control better than what they do. As for the LSU fan attack, this was a road rage incident and not a football related one as none of those attacked was even wearing LSU gear.

It is bad enough that people in WV have to deal with the misinformed about how they are “Hillbillies” or “Toothless Inbreds” much less an article that further depicts WV as a state and University of violence. That is just dead wrong. You need to go to college football games and rewrite the article and headline it “College football fan behavior” an then you would understand just what is going on all across America.

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