Slave shackles from the 1850’s. (Jay Paul/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

“We apologize if people are offended by the design and we are withdrawing our plans to make them available in the marketplace,” says a statement from the company.

Original: Can slavery be a source of runway inspiration? Adidas designer Jeremy Scott may say yes.

His new fall 2012 kicks, the JS Roundhouse Mids, have caused an outrage on Twitter and Facebook since photos of the shoes were recently released. The bright purple and gray footwear come with an accessory not usually seen on shoes made after 1865: orange shackles.

More than 2000 people, says the Daily Mail, have taken to the Web to express their disdain, citing the shoes’ similarity to shackles worn by slaves and prisoners. Rapper Talib Kweli has been especially vocal, tweeting his anger at Adidas’ Twitter account:

The shoes won’t be sold until August, which gives Adidas and Scott plenty of time to respond to their critics. So far, both have not publicly responded on Twitter to Kweli’s statements.

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