For the eighth week of NBC’s The Sing Off, the six remaining groups took on rock ‘n’ roll and country music. In their personal testimonies, several of the groups opened up about the pressures of the show.

For Howard University’s jazz ensemble Afro Blue, last week presented a challenge—how could they hold on to their traditional jazz sound and effectively incorporate rock ‘n’ roll?

Dressed in blue and led by Danielle Withers, the group sang “American Girl” by Tom Petty for their first performance of the night. The judges continue to advise the group not to overcomplicate songs.

“People feeling like things need to be dumbed down does not need to be dumbed down ever, and I’m glad that you don’t do that,” said judge Ben Folds. “However, you don’t want to underestimate the power of a simple song.”

For the second half of the show, the group came back strong with their emotional rendition of “Need You Now” by country group Lady Antebellum. Christie Dashiell and Trenton Cokley took the lead for this song. Members of the group shed tears while the judges remarked as judges critiqued the performance.

“You can sing something that touches you to a point where you can’t help but to shed tearsm, and the beauty of your performance is the fact that we could tell—it connected,” Folds said.

At the conclusion of the show, it came down to Afro Blue and the all-female group Delilah, which was eliminated.

Monday night the groups will tackle rhythm and blues, and three weeks remain before the show’s finale when the television audience will be able to choose the winner.

Who do you think will make the top two?

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