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Are you ready to pay more at the fare gate? Remember two years ago, when Metro first hiked fares, instituted a goofy new system for "peak-of-the-peak" riders and basically confused everyone on how much a ride would cost? Well, if Metro gets its way, that could be changing. The bad news, you'll be paying a lot more. We're talking numbers in the realm of $4-$6 a ride depending on the time of day. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth reports on the proposal sure to incense riders.

The University of Maryland has a problem on its hands . While the school is doing things like cutting athletic programs to save money, it also seems to be able to find enough money to rebuild the president's house into a mansion. Clearly, this doesn't look good to the average student. More importantly, as The Post's Jenna Johnson reports, the school didn't really bother telling anyone its plans. Also, columnist Petula Dvorak does not approve of U-Md.'s actions.

This year's Cherry Blossom Festival could look drastically different . The serene approach to presenting the event could be replaced by something you'd expect to see in Portland. The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities is working in conjunction with 25 artists to put on a public art show for the tourist trap event. All snark aside, this a tremendous step forward for a so-called non-arts city and if all goes to plan, could start a great tradition. The Post's Philip Kennicott reports.

We have officially reached the next generation in outsourcing, literally . While shipping jobs to places like India to save money is now a common practice in this country, it has gotten more popular recently in the world of surrogates. As in, rich families hiring lower-income women in foreign countries to carry their babies. Douglas Pet of the Center for Genetics and Society in Berkeley, Calif. analyzes the ethics of the practice for Slate.

Congrats, Alabama. You won the BCS National Championship in a game that LSU literally didn't even try to win. Locally, the Hoyas fell to Cincinnati in a game that I'll say they deserved to lose, considering their late-game execution. Also, The Capitals faced the Kings in Los Angeles. It wasn't pretty. To add insult to injury, known pest Jack Johnson decided that when he scored on Tomas Vokoun, he was going to Tebow on the ice. Seriously, guys are Tebowing on the Capitals. This team just isn't that good, kids.

Extra Bites

• Protip: If you plan on using words like "illin" among actual people who live in the world, particularly in a crossword puzzle, make sure you at least know what it means. Or what it can mean. The New York Times, oddly, does not.

• Guess what's going to replace Barnes & Noble in Georgetown? A Nike store. I guarantee that store is going to be the most attractive retail location on M Street.

• My friend Alissa sent me this video. It's the most amazing art I've seen all year.

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