If you like college football and want to watch a game at RFK Stadium, today is your day. The Military Bowl is being played there this afternoon between Air Force and Toledo. If nothing else, there will be many touchdowns.

The National Park Service has turned control of Union Square over to the office of the Architect of the Capitol. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

The List Is Out . The annual screed that determines whether or not you fall on the correct side of cool has officially been released for you to peruse with glee (see what I did there?). Personally, I love The List. The concept that is. This year's immediately brings Siri into the equation (so last year) BUT does give props to my man Gary Clark, Jr., whom I've been intentionally not talking about because he rawks. You know what else I like? The old Lists. Fantastic.

I don't know about your job , but at mine, I need to show up. It's sort of what we call "doing the job." But at WeddingWire in Bethesda, apparently, taking time off is as easy asking for it. Need a day off? Sure! Want to take a six-week vacation? No prob. The company that employs fewer than 100 people gives its staff unlimited time off, provided you can do your job in the time you are on the clock. They call it "taking the attendance out of performance." The Post's Abha Bhattarai reports.

The unfortunate secret about the news business is that the holidays are major content providers and not in a good way. If you check the hospital and police reports after any national holiday, you'll see piles of bizarre accidents and crazy incidents. News outlets bank on this. And after a man dressed as Santa opened fire on his family, then himself, on Christmas Day, Slate's Forrest Wickman wonders: Does the holiday season drive people to violence?

Andray Blatche is officially a clown . After his bizarre on-mic appearance before the home opener in which he referred to himself in the third person as the captain of the Wizards, he proceeded to play a lousy game, get a technical foul and then lash out at at the media and fans, claiming his uninspired play is not his fault. Today, Post columnist Jason Reid broke him off swiftly, writing "[Blatche] is about as qualified to lead a team as he would be a space shuttle mission." Ka-pow!

Extra Bites

• The No. 3 local story of the year: The Lululemon murder. This case shocked the area when the tale of a yoga store employee unraveled and she was revealed to be her co-worker's killer. A sad story all around that dismayed Bethesda.

• Expensive sandwich fans, rejoice! Taylor Gourmet is opening a location on 14th Street just after the New Year. And, it'll be open until 2:30 a.m. on weekends, too. Yay, for drunks!

• This is a video of a giant portrait attached to a hearse. You can guess who the subject is.

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