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Police use a cherry picker to arrest an Occupy DC protesters after activists erected a large wooden structure in McPherson Square in Washington December 4, 2011. (JOSE LUIS MAGANA/REUTERS)

The face of homelessness in D.C. is different from what you may think . The people you pass on the street every day aren't the only people struggling to find shelter every night. According to a new study, an increasing number of youths are homeless and many of them are parents. The situation is particularly stressful because many young people don't want to admit that they have nowhere to live and don’t want the stigma associated with it. The Post's Teresa Tomassoni reports on the growing problem.

The Food Network has revolutionized the way people eat in this country . Today's college kids grew up watching chefs turn even the most basic staples into gourmet delights, and colleges have responded to those tastes. But at the University of Maryland-College Park, those upscale eateries are creating problems on campus. Most plainly, nobody wants to eat what used to be considered normal anymore. The Post's Mike Rosenwald chronicles the world of deconstructed cannolis as dorm food.

Every year, actual celebrities descend upon Foggy Bottom to walk the red carpet at the Kennedy Center Honors gala. And last night, the arts facility celebrated with its 34th annual ceremony, which was diverse to say the least. There were tributes to Meryl Streep, Neil Diamond, Barbara Cook, Sonny Rollins and Yo-Yo Ma during the show set to air Dec. 27 on CBS. The Post's Paul Farhi details the glitzy night that he described best as "eclectic."

Another week, another sloppy performance and Redskins loss . The game was really nothing particularly special, but the big storyline developed from the off-field activities of two of the team's most promising players. While the Burgundy and Gold were busy throwing the game away to the Jets, 34-19, news broke that Trent Williams and Fred Davis will most likely miss the rest of the season for failing drug tests. The Post's Rick Maese reports, and Tom Boswell finds the situation embarrassing.

Extra Bites

• There are a lot of goofy Olympic events out there, in my opinion, but I think this might take the cake. Apparently there are petitions circulating to get pole dancing on the medal stand. Somehow, I don't see this working out.

• The Post's Chris Williams had a major “get off my lawn” moment at the Mac Miller show last week. For the record, I absolutely love Mac Miller.

• You want to know what people were buying on Black Friday? Guns!

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