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Thirty years ago today, a plane struck the 14th Street Bridge . It wasn't an act of terrorism, it was an accident. Shortly after takeoff from National Airport, Flight 90 stalled and went down, and the accident hurled people into the icy Potomac River. The footage from the rescue effort that day still holds up as absolutely chilling. On a positive note, there were survivors, and the airline industry learned safety lessons that make a difference today. No word yet from Howard Stern on the anniversary.

If nothing else, Uber has made a major splash in D.C. in a month . The car service that bills itself as classy and convenient immediately ruffled feathers when it launched. But the taxicab commission chairman claims that the service is operating illegally, implying that they are cutting into cab business prohibitively. Well, today, an Uber car was impounded as part of a city sting operation. That’s Washington, D.C., folks: Run a sting to bust a company trying to get people from Point A to Point B.

National Harbor is one step closer to getting outlet stores . Yesterday, the Prince George's County Planning Board gave preliminary approval to a proposal that would bring high-end discount stores to the mixed-use development in Oxon Hill. Initially, the effort received major backlash from neighbors who claim that the increased traffic the stores will bring is not worth it. But if completed, the project would bring the first outlet stores to the immediate D.C. area. The Post's Ovetta Wiggins reports.

Tim Cook took over Apple a half-hour ago and already has big plans . The CEO announced plans yesterday to put mini-Apple stores in Target stores across America. Some consider this a fantastic move, but others have looked at it as the beginning of the end for a company that just lost its mastermind. The Post's Jena McGregor analyzes the computer giant's move. On a related note, angry crowds in Beijing started egging Apple stores after the iPhone 4S release was delayed. By the way, Target sells dairy products.

When Monday Night Football debuted in 1970 , rumor had it that crime dropped around the country on Mondays, the explanation being that even criminals liked football so much that they didn't bother with their trade when the game was on. In Baltimore, a high school basketball player named Aquille Carr is apparently having the same effect. The Post's Dave Sheinin profiles the YouTube legend that wants to make it to the NBA despite his diminutive stature.

Extra Bites

• There's an argument that "Goodfellas" is the best mob movie of all time. There's also an argument that as a result, it should not be touched. Now, AMC is making it a weekly series. This has disaster written all over it, but I'll watch anyways.

• It turns out that TV chef Paula Deen, famous for putting loads of butter in every dish she makes, has diabetes. Can't say that's surprising, but it is certainly sad.

• If you don't have anything else to do this weekend, take a trip with Prince Paul and learn about music. Trust me.

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