Rick Perry dropped out of the GOP presidential race this morning. I guess that his name not making the Virginia ballot won't make a difference after all. Alas.

Morning rush hour commuters take the Orange line from the Court House metro stations. (Andrea Bruce/STAFF)

My inbox was flooded with one thing this morning . About 206 people e-mailed me the “[Expletive] DC Says” video made by a group called Social Studies D.C. Some people have a problem with this video meme, but I personally think the series is a fascinating look at our society today. More specifically, this most recent video should more accurately be called “[Expletive] White People Under 35 Who Live in NW Say.” The Post's Katie Rogers and Maura Judkis weigh in.

When I was a kid, an Apple was the first computer I ever used . The old IIs were my first experience with computing, as basic as they may have been. And over time, their machines have undoubtedly made a major mark in classrooms across America. Now, the computer giant is trying to make a more direct impact on education by getting into the textbook industry. In short, iPads may become the new textbooks, which makes perfect sense as I see it. The Post's Cecilia Kang reports.

People love making lists about who the most powerful people in D.C. are . I'm never really quite certain what defines power, but for GQ, it seems to be a mix of politicians, government staffers, business leaders and journalists. Not to mention restaurateurs, socialites and one athlete. You can guess which one. Here's a photo gallery of the list which includes The Post's very own Ezra Klein and the Capital Weather Gang. Honest.

Last night the Wizards pulled off the biggest upset of the season in the NBA so far . The league's best team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, ran into the buzzsaw that is theWizards and got popped at Verizon Center, 105-102. Not really. The Wizards tried quite hard to give this game away, but managed to hold out for a win. Also, Andray Blatche was booed viciously during pre-game warm-ups. The Post's Michael Lee has the gamer from the stunner.

Extra Bites

• It was a sad day when the Kodak company filed for bankruptcy. But England's The Guardian has an absolutely fascinating gallery looking back at the history of the once-dominant film manufacturer.

• Rush Limbaugh, D.C. Council member Mary Cheh and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli have somehow made their way into the same conversation. Here's why.

• Marky Mark finally apologized for that idiotic comment about 9/11. Thank you, sir.

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