So Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Many of Jackson’s fans are rejoicing but others--on various social media--have been raising others questions like where was the family as their brother was addicted to painkillers. Others asked how much blame should be placed on Jackson himself.

Conrad Murray was immediately taken into custody after the verdict and apparently is on suicide watch.

Bill Carpenter, CEO of Capital Entertainment, a firm that represents a number of major artists, said: “The verdict wasn’t strong enough. Here was a doctor who was negligent. He was doing a risky procedure where he should have had staff with him. And for $150,000 a month, he could have afforded to have the right people there. But instead he was in another room trying to talk to his girl about coming back to him.”

Here are a collection of tweets about the conviction. Some happy. Some relieved. Some ambivalent.

This was just after the verdict:

Al Sharpton Murray’s conviction is just a down payment for the family of Michael Jackson.

Randy Jackson Jr: The Pawn has been convicted but now its time for the Hidden Hand behind the Plan... JUSTICE will be served. Thank you all for the support!!!

Jermaine Jackson II Strong victory in court! Thank you all for your love and support. Step one has been accomplished! We are ready for next!!

Here are a few from this afternoon:

@TeejayMcFly still can’t believe Michael Jackson is dead. Don’t matter if that dude is guilty or not. #RIP #KingOfPop

@1dbradford Cried so much when i foun out about the verdict. obviously i’m happy, so happy, but mj is gone, and he’s never coming back. #kingofpop

@_andreabby Wow just let #michael jackson rest in peace already, why try to blame #conradmurray... just let it be already.

What’s your take a day after the trial ended?

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