Today’s tailgaiting recipe of the week is a nod to a staple at the home of the Milwaukee Brewers, who are currently trying to punch their ticket into the 2011 World Series. We call it the “Brew Crew” sausage sandwich.

Sausages, for the “Brew Crew” sandwich on the grill. (Troy Queen/Troy Queen)

Once the skillet is hot, place your sausage links in the skillet for three minutes per side. Remove your sausage links onto the indirect side of the grill to continue to cook.

Next, place your chopped ingredients in the skillet. Sprinkle olive oil and season salt on top of the ingredients and let simmer in beer for five minutes.

Add the sausage links back into the skillet with the vegetables and let cook for another 10 minutes. Place the sausages on serving tray. Allow the links to slightly cool before serving. Add the sausages and sauteed vegetables to fresh hoagies.

As always, enjoy your tailgating dish with an ice-cold beverage of your choice.

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