When it was announced last week that the District was losing the Caribbean Festival Parade to Baltimore, I mentioned that it might be a good thing and I'd have more to say on it in a different space. Well, here it is.

Fourth-generation stone-carver and historian John Kinnaird in Thurmont, Md. on May 15, 2012. (Dan Zak/THE WASHINGTON POST)

I really, really hope the District doesn’t screw up Chuck Brown’s funeral. Since his passing Wednesday, city officials have expressed different opinions about where his public farewell should be held. I think the answer is obvious: RFK Stadium. For one, it's got the largest capacity of any outdoor facility in the city. Secondly, the surrounding parking lots allow for spillover crowds and a venue for celebration, which people will most certainly want to do. The Post's Mike DeBonis reports on the details.

If you've ever been to Bethesda Lane, you know that it resembles something between a European esplanade and a suburban shopping mall. And this weekend, the town is going to be combining both characteristics to hold a fashion show and a movie screening. And yes, the show will feature local designers and even a catwalk for kids. Local Living's Megan Buerger reports on all the events of the weekend, which include Bravo's Andy Cohen.

For all the people that claim to be fans, it's amazing how many people think her name is “Donna Summers.” That aside, Donna Summer, the woman dubbed the “Queen of Disco,” passed yesterday at 63. A colleague of mine told me yesterday that she was like the Lady Gaga of her time, musically and culturally. Thing is, she’s somewhat unfairly labeled as being strictly disco. Slate's Jody Rosen looks back at the wonderfully varied career of the pop music legend.

BREAKING REDSKINS NEWS: They still haven't played a game. And Robert Griffin III has still never been hit by a NFL player. But he did make an appearance on the “Tonight Show” last night with Jay Leno, which I most certainly did not waste my time watching. But from what I understand from the Internets, it was an interesting interview. D.C. Sports Bog's Sarah Kogod has the clips, but some news organizations had a far more interesting take on what actually happened in Burbank.

Extra Bites

• The Preakness Stakes are tomorrow, which means if you're going to choose one day to see a horse race without having to dress up to do it, this is your chance. To sweeten the pot, Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa will be performing on the infield, if you like them.

• I'm headed to the Artomatic opening tonight to see my homeboy Akamundo's exhibit in Crystal City. If you don't know what the event is all about, just watch this.

• The new Nike ad for the Euro 2012 tournament is out. Yes, LeBron is it.

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