Chris Brown publicized his love triangle with Karrueche Tran and Rihanna in the video “The Real Chris Brown.” (MATT SAYLES/INVISION/AP)

But now, I just want him to go away for a while. I don’t hate him. Really, I don’t. I want him to go away because I care. For some reason, I keep seeing him make misguided move after misguided move, and it’s maddening.

I want him to shut down his Twitter account for good, reel in Team Breezy — the death threats and Twitter attacks some members are prone to are bad for business — swear off nightclubs and just make music. But most of all, I want him to keep quiet about who he’s dating.

For that reason, I promised myself long ago that I would never write another blog post about Chris Brown’s love life.

I’m breaking that rule today because of a new piece of gossip that hit the Web last week. It was offered up by Brown himself in a video called “The Real Chris Brown.” In it the 23-year-old singer tells the world that he’s in love with two women that he “doesn’t want to hurt,” silencing the rumors about his dating life by confirming them all to be true: He’s smack dab in the middle of a love triangle with Karrueche Tran and Rihanna.

Once again, it is none of our business whom he chooses to date, or vice versa. I’m just bothered by the complete lack of consideration such a move showed for the two women he claims to love. The video was a complete overshare, and what’s more, it infringed upon the privacy of Tran and Rihanna. I’m almost 100 percent sure no one from Rihanna’s camp signed off on it, given how much backlash she received after releasing  the “Birthday Cake” remix featuring Brown. And rumor has it that Karrueche Tran was displeased, to say the least.

Why embarrass Tran by publicly admitting that you’ve been with your ex? Why jeopardize everything Rihanna has built by announcing that you’re still pursuing a relationship with her when so many of her fans are against it?

Clearly, none of us were with Brown and Rihanna in that car during their domestic violence incident in February 2009. Rihanna is free to be with whomever she chooses, but this situation is too delicate for a stunt like this.

What’s worse is that it all felt so calculated. This isn’t some heartfelt video that Brown recorded using the built-in camera on his laptop. It was a polished and edited video, complete with clips of him sitting on the floor looking forlorn and shots with both Rihanna and Tran. It didn’t feel like a confession, or even a drunken slip-up — it felt like a cry for attention, which makes no sense because he’s wildly famous and talented. He doesn’t have to act out to get us talking. All he has to do is perform well.

It’s the last straw for me, because my heart can’t take watching an artist whose work I enjoyed continue to do this to himself. It’s the same way I feel about Lindsay Lohan. So much talent, so much drama. It’s so hard to watch someone with all of that promise continue to throw it away. It’s one thing for the blogs to pounce on his every mistake. It’s quite another for him to broadcast them himself on YouTube.

When will it end?

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