Troy Davis will be buried Saturday in Savannah, Ga.

We all know the “justice” system is flawed and that many factors contributed to the final outcome of his case. But, I beg that as folks point the finger regarding who is at fault that we remember the many innocent death row inmates whose cases were not covered by the media.

I also ask that we, challenge ourselves to do more in our communities on behalf of innocent death row inmates and/or the child in your community who could become tomorrow’s Troy Davis.

In my opinion, many of us who call ourselves Christians could probably stand to evaluate how active we are in preventing the outcomes we criticize most. I think we often focus more on individual “salvation” and “the power of prayer” than the true mission of the church, which is rooted in service and love.

Far too often, after reciting Romans 10:9 and doing the Dougie in the Baptismal pool, we think our mission is accomplished. However, when the time comes to participate in an outreach ministry, sponsor a voter registration drive, or buy a kid some school supplies, many of us aren’t anywhere to be found.

I know it sounds very Kumbaya-esque (I hope Kumbaya-esque isn’t your kid’s name), but the secret to strengthening our communities and improving the outcomes of men and women like Davis really isn’t a secret, and it definitely isn’t anything new. Just ask Paul, whose message in his letter to the Ephesians remains relevant today. In order for us to improve the human condition, we must seek to live purposeful lives so we can be maximally effective when working together to strengthen the community.

Are you THAT man or woman who goes to church every Sunday with a life-sized cross around your neck and an “I Love Jesus More than You Do or EVER Will T-Shirt,” and also the first church member to fly over the communion table to stab your pastor because she asked you to skip Whiskey Wednesdays at the juke joint to help support a voter registration drive? If so, then I’m talking to you, and you should probably know that there’s a VIP hell voucher with your name on it. I kid. Well...

Maybe we should try living as a giving, loving people who show others, especially children, that we don’t always GET something just because we give; or that we should love even when we’re hated. Wild, I know!

If we spend each day consumed with nonsense, while failing to roll up our literal or figurative sleeves in the community, then we must not forget to mention our purposeless, “Christian” selves in the midst of the next reactionary “I am Troy Davis” brouhaha.

If you were one of the people upset about the outcome of the trial, don’t forget how you felt at 11:08 pm on September 21 when Troy Davis was executed.

Let that feeling ignite your action.

Here is one way to become involved: The Innocence Project--Things Anyone Can Do To Help Exonerate Innocent People and Prevent Wrongful Convictions

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