Stand-up comedian and actor Mike Epps first burst on the scene in the 1999 classic film Next Friday and this Friday he performs at DAR Constitution Hall in the District for two shows. His latest comedy tour is entitled “I’m Still Standing.” Epps answered a few questions about his career and upcoming stop in Washington.

Comedian Mike Epps. (Aziza Work Group /Aziza Work Group )

A: I thank God, you know. I thank him for the longevity.  After all these years, the comedy still connects to the people and the people connect to the comedy. The funniest things are those that you can relate to-it’s something the people relate to.

Q: How do you think you have evolved as a performer over time?  

A: Funny gets the is funny as I stated earlier. All you have to do is pay attention to the world around you. My comedy is about real-life occurrences, life is happening at every turn so the opportunity for new material is constant. To evolve, one must only pay attention and implement.

Q: What is it that connects you to audiences the way you do?  

A: I don’t know. They think I’m family - their younger or older cousin or something. I don’t know. I guess I look like everybody’s second cousin...There is a familiarity that the audience and I have that never seems to get stale. Like family.

Q: Just about every tour you make sure to stop in DC. What do you love about performing for your fans in the DMV?

A: The DMV is a live audience! I always enjoy an audience that has fun with me and the DMV has fun! We go-go, laugh and have a ball in the DMV! I love the place.

Q: What or who do you find funny?

A: Life is funny to me. Kids are funny. Richard Pryor is, was and will always be funny to me. I try to laugh at everything.

Q: What is your next big project?

A: Next big project is the next installment of the Friday franchise, we begin shooting soon. Also, the remake of Sparkle comes out in August and I tackle a serious role...I’m stretching so I’m excited about the future.

Q: Who are you backing in the 2012 Presidential election? 

A: Come on man. (He laughs) I’m voting for Obama until I can’t vote for him no more. I hope he petitions to run again in 2016 and again in ’20 let him serve four terms like Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mike Epps will be performing two shows Friday February 10 at DAR Constitution Hall at 7:00pm and 10:30pm. Follow Epps on Twitter @therealmikeepps

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