So, it seems a radio station has taken a term I like to use and stuck it on a T-shirt. No hard feelings here. I didn't invent the word "cised" and neither did they. Alas.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray. (Paul Morigi/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA)

The Metro Silver Line debate has gotten heavy in Loudoun County. At a public meeting last night, hundreds of people showed up to voice their opinion on the Metro extension to Dulles before officials vote next month on whether to fund the project. In short, funding the project means more taxes now for what hopes to be a payoff later. One guy was so adamant in his stance against the Silver Line that he wore a Viking helmet. The Post's Caitlin Gibson reports on the proceedings.

There are certain things that decent people just don't do. One of them is steal other people's things simply to destroy them. But that's exactly what went down in Takoma Park, where Jeannie and Trifin Roule's telephone pole that was painted like a cigarette was stolen last week. It turned up, sawed in half, behind a middle school. The Post's Michael Rosenwald chronicles the tale of the purloined lawn art.

My favorite D.C. museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, may be moving. Last night, officials discussed the possibility of finding a new home for the museum and college. The facility has been operating in the red and needs more space for pretty much everything they do. The school wants to expand and the museum can barely show off its collection. The Post's David Montgomery and Jacqueline Trescott explain how the board of trustees may move forward.

The Goodman League at Barry Farm has gotten a mini-makeover. The court that's home to one of the best summer basketball leagues in the country now has bleachers and a new blacktop, courtesy of Nike. The season started last night and the league is still going strong. While the types of fans who attend the games may have diversified, it's still run by commissioner Miles Rawls. D.C. Sports Blog's Dan Steinberg took a trip down to the Southeast neighborhood to talk to him.

Extra Bites

• You all know that I'm into street art and there's another trend developing on that front. It merges graffiti with photography to create incredibly dope GIFs. I am huge fan of these two things coming together in such a creative way.

• If you can't remember what high school was like, I'm here to help. And if you went to Montgomery Blair recently, this should jog your memory.

• Unarmed black children are still getting gunned down across America. Real talk.

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