It's time to stop breaking the promises you make to yourself to eat right, exercise and develop healthier habits. For the next three months, from 05 September 2011 to 05 December 2011, MISSION: INCREDIBLE focuses on getting healthier one day at a time. There is only one rule: do a little more today than you did yesterday to keep your promise of taking better physical care of yourself. Follow that one rule - EVERYDAY - and the changes you see in three months will be incredible.

 We're all at very different exercise levels and we all have different weight targets, but it's always nice to know you've got company on the journey. We'll focus on three goals as part of our daily check-in: G1 - diet (the good, the bad and the ugly); G2 - exercise (your physical exercise for that day); and, G3 - healthy habits (things we adopt or learn along the way that help). Join us and leave your comments below!


Day 11

This is probably the most atypical post you’ll see on Mission: Impossible, but it’s very typical of the way “real life” can sometimes overwhelm you and knock you off the fitness track.

 I decided I’d travel to Baton Rouge, LA, to watch the Louisiana State-Mississippi State football game with my son, Christien, a sophomore at LSU. I hadn’t seen him in several weeks, and figured we’d grab a bite, talk about his studies and enjoy the game on television at a local eatery.

 The day got away from me, though, very early on. I woke up to some emails that needed my immediate attention. Some projects I’ve been working on had to be finished ASAP for submission. I was meeting a really great guy in Baton Rouge for a “first/coffee date” of sorts that afternoon before meeting with my son. And, the drive from New Orleans to Baton Rouge would have to be made during traffic time. Whew! Before I knew it was three o’clock in the afternoon! Stress!

I said a few prayers and everything turned out fine, however. Better than fine, in fact. My emails and projects got handled, my date was great (Yay! And he’s cute, too!), and traffic was light. My son and I had a great time catching up, had dinner at a wonderful restaurant and actually ended up watching the game with several of his service fraternity friends. I had a blast and the earlier stress of the day faded away.

 And while I was savoring this quality time with my son and his friends, I realized that this is what getting fit and staying healthy is all about for folks in my age group – the opportunity to live longer and enjoy life more with the people who are important to us. Certainly there’s also an element of vanity involved. I mean, I do want to LOOK better, too! But in the end, I want to spend as much high-quality time on this earth as possible.


Here's my check-in:


G1: I didn't eat or drink a thing until 3:00 pm. I got started on projects and preparations for my trip to Baton Rouge and the next thing I knew it was darn near time for dinner. I grabbed a bag of Lay's Flaming Hot potato chips and a bottle of water for the trip up Interstate 10. I had dinner with my son at about 630 pm, which consisted of roasted potatoes, rotisserie pork with a garlic glaze, Thai snap beans, pita points and hummus. Delicious!! I only ate half of it, though, and will wipe out the other half tomorrow for lunch. We then went to watch the LSU-MSU game with friends, and I had a bag of M&Ms and a bottle of water. Not my best food day by any stretch, but it's what happens in real life sometimes. More fruit and fiber tomorrow!

G2: Not a lick of exercise. Again, very atypical for me, but I’ll be back on it tomorrow!

 G3: Restaurant portions are gigantic! And that can be both good and bad: good because you're at least getting your money's worth, bad because a person like me who struggles with portion control will try to eat it ALL! Especially if it's tasty! But I resisted and I have a great to-go box to show for it.

 The friends we watched the game with were having an ice cream party. I didn't touch a drop. WINNING! And my alma mater, LSU, won the game! MORE WINNING! See you guys tomorrow!