It's time to stop breaking the promises you make to yourself to eat right, exercise and develop healthier habits. For the next three months, from 05 September 2011 to 05 December 2011, MISSION: INCREDIBLE focuses on getting healthier one day at a time. There is only one rule: do a little more today than you did yesterday to keep your promise of taking better physical care of yourself. Follow that one rule - EVERYDAY - and the changes you see in three months will be incredible.

We're all at very different exercise levels and we all have different weight goals, but it's always nice to know you've got company on the journey. We'll focus on three goals as part of our daily check-in: G1 - diet (the good, the bad and the ugly); G2 - exercise (your physical exercise for that day); and, G3 - healthy habits (things we adopt or learn along the way that help). Join us and leave your comments below!

Day 3

It's Day 3 and some folks are full steam ahead (like Triconne B.: "G1- Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast and dinner, Lunch- grilled chicken breast, spinach and a baked sweet potato. G2- 2 miles in the AM with lunges, mule kicks, toy soldiers, chest presses and bicep curls") and others...not so much (like Karen J.: "G2 - Does running to doctor's appts all day count? Lol!"). But since it's the first week, we know everyone is getting ramped up and it takes a little time to get going.

A New Orleans-style baked fish recipe to win over even the pickiest of eaters. (Nicole Moliere/Nicole Moliere)

Size does matter - use a smaller plate for your meals. And since Martha Stewart isn't coming over, it's okay to use a saucer if you want to. (Nicole Moliere/Nicole Moliere)

Here's my check-in:

G1: I know it's a cardinal sin, but I got really busy this morning and skipped breakfast; around eleven o'clock I had a small mixed greens salad with low-fat dressing, sauteed shrimp and five ginger snap cookies. Around three o'clock I had a small bowl of red beans and brown rice, some unsalted crackers and a pear. Around eight o'clock I had a tilapia filet, mixed green salad, baby carrots and another five ginger snaps. Nothing but water to drink. And I craved chocolate all day long. Grrrr...

G2: I knew that I was going to an event this evening at the New Orleans Museum of Art, so I got four miles in this morning on the track. I wanted to stop after two, but I put my earphones on and blasted Sade's "Love Is Found" and that got me over the hump. Lots of stretching afterward.

G3: Did you know that, all other things being equal, if you stopped drinking soda and replaced it with water you'd lose about a pound per month?

Tomorrow: The challenge of staying fit in a food and football town like New Orleans.

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