Part of the joy of comedy is its ability to push buttons. Whether broaching topics of race, politics or religion, the best comedian can find something funny to say about race, religion and politics.

D.C. sketch comedian Tommy Taylor released a video entitled ‘Abused black men’that jokingly argues that white women should save abused black men from black women.

There’s nothing funny about it.

Set to a melacholic Adele number, various black men cry as false statistics flash across the screen. The viral video has garnered both positive and negative reactions online.

After watching the three-minute video, I barely laughed, smirked or even smiled. I didn’t find it funny or clever. Two stand-out moments: a white woman who says that black men just need a “good white woman” and a scene in which one of the abused black men scrubs the white woman’s fireplace as she clarifies where he should clean.

I’m neither a black man nor a black woman, so maybe my taking offense is misplaced.

His point could be funny. Comedian Patrice O’Neal once had a hilarious bit about how black women can’t be hit on with just a “hello.” But white women, O’Neal said, can and therefore are more pleasant in relationships. What he doesn’t assert however is that white women can save black men or portray all black women as an (once again) angry, miserable and defensive.

A little bit of nuance would have gone a long way. A reminder, Patrice O’Neal wasn’t PG-rated, so this video contains explicit language:

What do you think?

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