Go-go legend Chuck Brown has been recently hospitalized and has canceled a couple of shows. I hope all's well and that the Godfather gets back to rocking soon.

Metro bus. (Stephanie K. Kuykendal/ftwp/FREELANCE)

D.C. could soon see Sunday liquor sales. With the city in a bind financially, Ward 1 Council member Jim Graham is looking anywhere to find extra cash. And he definitely doesn't like Mayor Vincent Gray's idea to keep bars open until 4 a.m., so his solution is to loosen the long-standing blue laws for booze on the Christian Sabbath. The Post's Mike DeBonis explains why this move really wouldn't add up to that much money in the long run.

The term 'third-world' does not equate to 'obviously awful.' In fact, the pejorative definition for less developed nations is frowned upon in many circles because of its typically unfair negative connotations. That said, when The Post's Petula Dvorak's column went online Monday using that phrase liberally, I was dismayed. Thankfully, it's since been changed (except the URL), and you should check out her stance on the D.C. cab system and where it ranks worldwide.

There's nothing like a good catch phrase. But at some point, they fell out of favor with television writers. There was a time when every good program had a character with a signature line. I remember girls at my elementary school constantly dropping 'How rude!' while guys told them to eat their shorts. Nonetheless, you can still catch some unique zingers in some programming; you just have to know where to look. Browbeat's June Thomas points out that they might be making a comeback, courtesy of the Brits.

Happy birthday, Ernie Grunfeld. No, really, it's his birthday today. And guess what Wizards owner Ted Leonsis gave the president of his basketball team for his 57th? A brand new deal! Now we can all look forward to more seasons of overpaid, underperforming players floating in and out of the Verizon Center and winning a couple dozen games a year. The Post's Michael Lee reports on the agreement. But hey, they beat the snot out of the Bobcats last night. Shiny things!

Extra Bites

• This was Monday's video of the day: A man filmed his daughter every week for 12 years. The result is a time-lapse of her growing up before our eyes — in less than three minutes. And he says he's not done.

• If you've ever wondered what the exchange rate is for 50 Cent, now you know. Reuters is on top of everything, even when it shouldn't be.

• Always think twice before giving up a kidney. Always.

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