I don't like to interfere in other people's lives in the bedroom, but if you use a Pfizer birth control pill, you might want to read this.

It doesn't look like we'll have online gambling in the District after all . The D.C. Council and Mayor Gray have suddenly reversed position on the controversial plan, claiming that the manner by which it became law is dicey. Props to the city's brass for voting to repeal something they didn't understand, but let's not forget that three years ago, this slipped through because members did not even realize they were voting for it. The Post's Mike DeBonis reports.

Virginia's farming community is taking the bull by the horns when it comes to exporting . Due to a dearth in the Russian agricultural market that came from massive hunger that resulted in people eating their seed stock, the commonwealth will now be sending bulls over to help them out. The Post's Laura Vozzella explains the difficulties and complexities of sending Holstein bulls to Europe for the purposes of breeding.

There are few things in high school cooler than meeting a celebrity . And if it's one that you genuinely admire, it can be the kind of experience that can make a school year. So, I can't even imagine how some students from Duke Ellington School of the Arts felt when John Legend walked through the door when they were rehearsing for an upcoming show at the Kennedy Center in May. The Post's Jessica Goldstein chronicles the experience, and there's even video of the surprise visit.

The very existence of this newsletter is an indication of how technology pervades our lives . But as Facebook prepares for a big-time IPO, Google tries to make cars that drive themselves and Apple takes heat for its labor practices, it's actually bigger than that. Author Rebecca MacKinnon writes for Slate that "the barons and lords of Facebookistan, Googledom, the Apple iNation, and other platforms — have been thrust into governance roles that they are for the most part unprepared for."

Bryce Harper might not be very well liked when he arrives in D.C. The Nationals phenom pretty much has no love for any D.C. sports teams and this upsets many people. Personally, I couldn't care less who he roots for as long as he can mash for the Nats. The Post's Dan Steinberg gives the full breakdown of Harper's fanhood, which also includes the Cowboys, the Lakers and Duke basketball. I can't wait until this kid gets to town.

Extra Bites

• Yeah, "Cannibal Who Ate Head of Former Lover Proposes to Satan-Worshipping Vampire Girlfriend Behind Bars of Psychiatric Unit" will always win the Headline of the Day award from me, no matter what. Goodness. The pictures are equally wild, btw.

• Pythons are devastating the Everglades by eating through all the resident animals, and there are pictures to prove it. And they are graphic. And here's exactly whey they're doing it.

• Don Cornelius is dead after an apparent suicide. Sad way to start Black History Month.

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