Last night at the ballpark, David Malitz, J. Freedom du Lac and I spent the first two innings trying to guess what at-bat song Bryce Harper would choose. He went with Moby's "Bring Sally Up." Kind of a rando pick, but I like it.

DC Council Chairman Kwame Brown. (Katherine Frey/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Prank season is upon us around America, as college kids get ready to leave campus. And at Georgetown, an old tradition has returned. The clock hands from the tower at Healy Hall were stolen sometime last week and officials still haven't found them. This maneuver dates back some years, but the guys who did it in 2005 are borderline famous as a result. The Post's Jenna Johnson explains the story of how Georgetown handles its status a timeless institution.

Here we go again with more lists. The first is actually a good one. A group called the Social Science Research Center has determined that the D.C. area is best for women's well-being. As in, the city ranks high in female earnings and education. Less seriously, the non-profit organization Kaboom! has counted four cities in Maryland and Virginia as some of the most playful in the nation. The Post's Maggie Fazeli Fard breaks down both distinctions.

I find it particularly annoying when recipes lie. What's the point in misleading people after they've already decided to follow your steps? And if you've cooked in a few kitchens in your life, you can tell immediately when a recipe is false. Such was the case for Slate's Tom Scocca who recently went on a quest to find out why the New York Times would "lie" about how long it really takes to caramelize onions.

Let's make something clear: as long as the Capitals keep winning, Dale Hunter's coaching methods are working. He was the smartest guy in the room when he started Holtby in net before the regular season ended, and his strategy to reduce Ovechkin's ice time seems to be working. That how it works. If you are winning, the strategy is sound. That aside, the Caps will try to keep the momentum going at home tonight against the Rangers. The Post's Katie Carrera has a preview.

Extra Bites

• Are you ugly? Are you not sure? There's an app for that. Literally. The new app called the Ugly Meter measures all sorts of things on your face based on a picture then gives you the hard truth. I can't imagine much good will come from this.

• It was Take Your Kid to Work Day last week, but what about taking your dog to work? A new study says the practice could ease stress. Presumably for the owner.

• Eli Manning is going to host "Saturday Night Live" this week. Looks like it'll be funny.

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