Washington Wizards point guard John Wall (2), center, passes off against Charlotte Bobcats point guard Kemba Walker (1), left, as the Washington Wizards play the Charlotte Bobcats in NBA basketball. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Would you be willing to give up your house or business for the sake of public transit? For many in Montgomery and Prince George's counties, they don't have a choice. The Maryland Transit Administration's list for properties that will face condemnation ahead of the Purple Line's construction is a 13-page spreadsheet. And some people are just finding out that they're on it. The Post's Katherine Shaver details the conundrum many face.

Newt Gingrich has some lofty goals. Forget trying to become president with his interesting history, he's thinking much bigger-picture. The former speaker of the House told a crowd in Cocoa, Fla., last night that if he had his druthers, he'd establish a colony on the moon. A COLONY ON THE MOON. Newt has long had a fascination with space travel, it turns out. I don't think whatever Nancy Pelosi's alleged bombshell is could really top this, to be honest. A colony. On the moon. Wow.

Under today's standards, I think I qualify as a sushi purist . I don't like soy sauce, purees or anything else involved, I genuinely enjoy the taste of raw fish. I, apparently, am in the minority. As tastes have changed in America, medium-grade sushi houses have altered the product to become more popular among casual fans. The Post's Tim Carman, with the help of a D.C. sushi chef, explains how standards have slipped in this country.

While you were playing drinking games during the State of the Union , D.C. Mayor Gray had better plans. Not only was he not taking Jello shots every time the word “bill” was spoken, he even turned down a chance to attend the speech. D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton invited him to the address in front of the joint session of Congress, but Gray passed. He decided to attend his girlfriend's birthday party at Cafe Milano. This is what I call a great decision.

Twenty years ago today, I went to sleep feeling like the happiest boy in the world . After attending every home game, preseason and playoffs included of that Redskins season with my father, the burgundy and gold had just crushed the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI for the franchise's third NFL title, and the second in my short lifetime. Little did I know at the time that I might never feel that way again. The Post takes a detailed look back on that glorious championship run that seems a lifetime ago.

Extra Bites

• Messing with someone's car stereo while they're driving is not cool, but is setting up shop inside someone else's TiVo equally problematic? Slate's Manners for the Digital Age podcast wonders if this is a fireable offense for a babysitter.

• The Starbucks near the National Cathedral, the one I effectively grew up on, is closing. It also happened to be the first one on the East Coast. This is legitimately sad.

• Here's the latest rumor about the iPhone 5: It's coming this summer and it's going to be HUGE!

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