I somehow forgot to mention that when I went to the D.C. United game over the weekend, I got to cheese with my third-favorite player in the history of the franchise. You think you can name the two ahead of him on my list? Let me know.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray. (Marvin Joseph/WASHINGTON POST)

Crispus Attucks Park is an interesting space. Ensconced within a block of townhouses in Bloomingdale, it's nothing short of prime real estate. And its history is an interesting one. Its present, however, is quite controversial. A nonprofit that claims ownership of the park is battling with a local guy who makes the same claim. Say what you want about gentrification, this is an old-school case of newcomers vs. old stalwart. The Post's Paul Schwartzman chronicles the feud.

CityCenter DC keeps landing tenants, which is a good thing for all of us. The gargantuan project near Chinatown is supposed to be unlike anything this city has ever seen, and it’s going to need the residents to prove it. So far, they've landed a big-time law firm, and now there's a gourmet food market set to come on board. I repeat: Gourmet food market in downtown D.C. Capital Business' Danielle Douglas reports that it'll be "a space similar to Dean & Deluca, but on the scale of an Eastern Market."

SpaceX Dragon sounds like a name a 10-year-old would make up for a spaceship. But alas, that's the real name of a private space travel company that's been trying to launch a rocket for a while now. And since NASA's not doing that anymore, someone in this country has to get things into space. After SpaceX tried and failed Saturday, they finally got a vessel into the sky this morning, to the delight of the space travel community.

As we draw closer to the Olympics, we delve further into the fringe sports world. That's not an insult: The world's games provide a great opportunity for athletic achievements that are rarely discussed to get some shine. Today it's field hockey, which I have a lot of respect for. I covered it in college, and as you might know, the sport is actually played by men in countries other than this one. The Post's Liz Clarke profiles Katie O'Donnell, the former Terp looking to lead the U.S. team to gold in London.

Extra Bites

• Do you like “Glee?” Do you like Chris Colfer? (I met him once at a party, nbd.) Well, if so, I hope you're confident in his fashion sense, because the Fug Girls broke down his wardrobe over the years on the show. This list is all sorts of awesome.

• I don't normally do this necessarily, but I'd like to take some time to note that my old school has gotten some fun exposure recently. One by The Post's Jay Matthews. The other by WAMU.

• Remember D'Angelo? Yeah, apparently he's back. Go call your boopiece.

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