The other day, a guy e-mailed me and told me that he ran into my dad at his job and asked him if he was related to Clinton Yates. That was a major reversal in my world and it made my day. Happy birthday, Pop.

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell enters the House Chambers to deliver his annual State Of The Commonwealth Address in Virginia. (Tracy A. Woodward/THE WASHINGTON POST)

As long as the District continues to be the capital of this nation, there will be cheating . It's pretty well known that some people in power enjoy their dalliances. A Web site that is designed to promote infidelity claims that the District has the highest per capita membership of its entire base. In short, it asserts, this city has more cheaters than anywhere else in the country. I'm sure they tell that to all their lovers. The Post's Katie Rogers has more insight.

I can't imagine a job cooler than taking pictures of exotic animals . Traveling to fun places and coveted locations, seeing wonderful colors in their natural vitality, it sounds like the best gig in the world. But not everyone who does it is just living the dream. Many of them are also using their trade as a way to call attention to breeds that are dying away. It seems like a natural link, but the words "photographer activist" would sound kind of cool on a resume. The Post's Juliet Eilperin explains.

You know that guy Paul Babeu? The one who was co-chairman of Mitt Romney's Arizona campaign that came out of the closet and supported gay marriage all at the same time? The same guy whose ex-boyfriend claims he threatened him with deportation after refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement? He's running for Congress. That's not news, but you may want to hear how Dave Wiegel points out why "your gay sheriff boyfriend can't make you a U.S. citizen, even if you marry him."

Speaking of reversals, Maryland coach Randy Edsall has decided to loosen his players from the shackles of his ego, apparently . The wildly successful but unproven Edsall had tried to block the transfer requests of three players to Vanderbilt, even though Maryland doesn't plan to play them anytime soon. After he was hammered for that, he changed his mind. It is possible that the whole thing was the AD's decision all along, but who knows? The Post's Eric Prisbell reports.

Extra Bites

• There's been a renaissance in popularity for books about being black, and there's one I particularly like. It's called "Black Cool" and the author was on the radio to discuss her collection of essays. One of which is excerpted in The Root. Read this.

• This just might be the best photograph of the Capitol I've ever seen.

• There's an awesome mural at Champlain Street and Kalorama Road NW. You should probably look at this. And it reminds me that I need a new pair of New Balances.

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