The Euro Cup starts today. This is the best footy tournament in the world. Better than the World Cup. Fewer teams, less bottom feeders, more intense regional rivalries and, plainly, better soccer. And the Irish are in the tourney. They're always a good time.

Speed cameras capture motorists on I-395 near 2nd Street NW in Washington, DC on June 7, 2012. (Daniel Britt/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Things aren't getting any better for Kwame Brown. He caught another charge yesterday, this time a misdemeanor for an alleged campaign finance irregularity. I have longer thoughts on this matter, but the line-of-succession situation is rather complicated. Either way, Phil Mendelson appears to be in line to become the next D.C. Council chairman. But more importantly, candidates will be allowed to run in simultaneous elections. This has “fiasco” written all over it.

If you're reading this, you probably know how to ride the train. As in, you're familiar with getting to and fro on Metro without hurting yourself or someone else. But if you know someone who isn't, or you're new to the program, listen up: Stand right, walk left. Say it with me: Stand. Right. Walk. Left. That's really the only rule that matters. But The Post's Mark Berman has put together a few others that should help round out the experience for you.

How's your password game? Are you one of those people that uses a super-clever, super-obvious phrase that's so basic that nobody would ever guess it? If so, you should probably change that. And now that someone hacked LinkedIn and eHarmony, you might want to stop joking about how those sites are irrelevant and check your stuff. Slate's Farhad Manjoo, who I consider the most sensible tech geek in America, has a simple way for you to fix your password problem.

The unfortunate reality of the Euro 2012 is that racism has already stained it. In the weeks leading up, many people in the game were concerned that certain fan groups would make things miserable for everyone involved at the tournament. And it didn't take long for that to go down. There was an incident at the Dutch training ground yesterday in Poland, and Ukraine is still trying to shake its bigoted image. In other news, picking games is fun if you involve farm animals. Best picture ever after the link.

Extra Bites

• My father taught me to love Denzel Washington's craft. And for a while, I followed him. For a while after, I didn't. But now I'm back on board. The new movie with him and Don Cheadle looks like absolute magic. Here's the trailer.

• Remember those people that almost got failed for not being able to get their kids to school on time? The charges were dropped. Color me unimpressed.

• Here's a gallery of awesome swimming pools. That is all.

Happy soccer, friends.

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