I went to the viewing of Chuck Brown's body yesterday and it was decidedly sad in town. Outside was a party, but inside it was a different story. Also, security was extremely tight. I wonder what they were afraid of. I imagine tomorrow's event will be different.

The word “hood” has multiple connotations. Back in the day, it was a shortened form of “hoodlum,” or a person of ill repute. In some circles, it's a casual reference to where you and your friends live, a shortened form of neighborhood. And to others, the word is synonymous with “bad area.” Bill White's "Fish in the Hood" on Georgia Avenue played on that multiple entendre for years as the name of his seafood shop. Then he changed the sign to say "Fish in the Neighborhood." The Post's Emily Wax reports on the fallout.

There's good and bad news on the job front in D.C. Bad news first: More than 1,600 residents will be losing their federal unemployment benefits. The good news is that's happening because the jobless rate fell by .04 percent since the beginning of the year, thus disqualifying the city from benefits after June 9. All is not lost if you're still without a job, though, as multiple D.C. agencies are working to fill the gap, The Post's Nikita Stewart explains.

In plain terms, Doc Watson is a folk legend. And if you follow bluegrass on any level (as many around here do, as evidenced by WAMU's former stronghold of the genre on the airwaves), you've undoubtedly got a favorite Watson song. The guy's career stretched over seven decades, a feat which in itself is remarkable. The Post's Terence McArdle looks back on the life of Watson, who died Tuesday in Winston-Salem, N.C. He was 89.

I have an interesting relationship with my office chair. I ask a lot of it, and when it fails, I don't complain, I just don't ask again. I sit way back in it sometimes, sometimes straight up, sometimes Indian-style and occasionally I'll spin around just for fun. That doesn't always work out well. But I can't say I want another one. Slate's Heather Murphy has been on a quest for the perfect office chair, and though she hasn't found it yet, she does provide a fun history of the furniture.

Tonight's USA/Brazil match would be far more interesting if the Americans were tuning up for the Olympics. Alas, tonight's kickabout is just another soccer game, though the match-ups between these two nations have been rather intriguing recently. You might recall that in 2009, Brazil needed a couple late goals to beat the U.S. in the Confederations Cup. If you're looking for someone to watch tonight, Neymar is your guy. He'll stand out immediately. I promise. The Post's Steven Goff previews.

Extra Bites

• Who doesn't like Dr. Ruth? When she's not giving funny sex advice on TV with her adorable accent, she's inventing low-alcohol wines so couples can get frisky without getting absolutely hammered. This idea is genius.

• Jay-Z and Kanye West have released a video for their song "No Church in the Wild." It's audio-NSFW, and frankly, kind of lame. Decent visuals, though.

• I love Calvin & Hobbes, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this yet.

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