Bowie State University student Dominique T. Frazier was killed last week after a fight in her dorm room. Her roommate has been arrested and charged with murder.

Frazier grew up in the District and graduated from Friendship Collegiate Academy, a D.C. public charter school. She would have celebrated her 19th birthday Sunday. Instead, about 100 people gathered near her mother’s home for a candlelight vigil.

Frazier fancied herself a poet and posted four short videos on her youtube channel. She is at times shy, at times confident and partly all over the place, like teens tend to be. She called herself Bonnie.

“It’s Bonnie or whatever,” she said into her camera. “I write poems and I wanted give you some of my insights. Most of it’s about love, whatever….”

Here she is in her own words.

Hell at it’s finest

Hell was handed to me on a silver platter
I’m only Dominique, I can’t do no better
I try to succeed, but in reality I fail
Slap in the face, hate letter mailed, stating
This is what you’ve done, the monster you’ve created
Be proud of yourself because you’ve over contemplated
I have been mistaken utterly, terrified of nothing else but you loving me
Arguments between us goes back and forth
It’s only halftime, but I’m playing full court
I can only do what is asked of me
Bend over backward, hurt my back for thee
What do you want me to do? Tell me. Speak
What exactly are you asking me to prove
Explain to me what you seek
Your interest in me is slowing dying
You say its not but I see less trying
Is this what you want, can you say you’re sure
Our past, present future? Are you ready to endure?
Spending a lifetime together is looking like access denied
You said I was wifey material but together we collide
Even through all this BS, I wish to be your bride
They say be careful what you wish for and I still long to be by your side
My heart sinks and there’s nothing I could do
Because I got trapped and fell in love with you

Tell me what you think…if I do get some viewers. Alright y’all and I’m out.

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