I earned my first set of wings when I was about six. That's when I took my first solo flight to my grandparents house in Mobile, Ala. for the summer. My mom put me on the plane in D.C. in my best dress, a red, white and blue handkerchief and lace beauty, with white bobby socks, patent leather Mary Janes and my Cinderella watch. You couldn't tell me that I wasn't a big girl.

I remember sitting next to another young traveler, shooting the breeze and playing "Go Fish." When we arrived in Mobile we were awarded small plastic bronze wings, which the stewardess pinned proudly upon our frocks.

Robin Bennefield plays with snakes around the world. (Author photo)

I wish I'd thought to write a blog before now, but better late than never, right? Hopefully, past stories of adventures in 10 countries over 6 continents, including the Moroccan snake handling trick above, will find their way into my musings.

This blog is meant to capture my wanderings and wonderings moving forward. I hope you enjoy.

xoxo Robin

Robins Have Wings is a travel manifesto, reminding her—and maybe you—to take flight and embark upon unexpected journeys near and far. Her blog chronicles her travels from a unique and personal perspective.