Forgive me if I'm a bit sluggish, I spent nearly the entire night up watching the entirety of Season 1 of PBS' "Downton Abbey." It's like a historically accurate TV series version of "Gosford Park." Season 2 premieres Sunday night. Can't. Wait.

The 'new' Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Md. (Xiaomei Chen/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Power couples are a regular part of Washington . But even in D.C., it's rare to see a couple in direct competition with one another in their work. Not since James Carville and Mary Matalin have I seen anything like this. In Des Moines, Emily and Dave Price work for competing TV stations, both covering presidential politics. I realize that state is holding a rather important caucus tonight, but this is easily the most interesting story coming out of the Hawkeye State today. The Post's Ned Martel reports.

When I was a kid, my father had two maps in his office that fascinated me . I used to stare at his Mercator projection map of the continent of Africa and his Gail-Peterson projection world map intently every chance I could. Mapmaking has developed quite a bit since those days, and not necessarily for the better. Yet, Slate's Seth Stevenson analyzes the incredible work of "one guy in Oregon," whom he says has created "the greatest paper map of the United States you’ll ever see."

Although the District is not necessarily regarded as a “food city” by people that claim to bestow these honors, there is plenty good to eat around town. I personally enjoy a lot of the Asian, African and Caribbean cuisines in the area, but that's just me. The Going Out Guide breaks it down to the 40 dishes that every Washingtonian must try, a list I contend is a perfect start to the new year. And there's one dish on the list that I've been enjoying since the ’80s.

Yesterday, Mike Shanahan didn't even bother to interview his players at the end of the season, and Flip Saunders didn't bother to stay on the court for two minutes with his team. Early on, Shanny airmailed the final day by literally sending in the troops to talk to the Redskins on the way out. Up in Boston, Wizards coach Saunders blew a major gasket at the TD Garden, and stormed out onto the floor after a non-call on a Rashard Lewis jumper. Yes, he was ejected. Yeah, that didn't work.

Extra Bites

• I try to buy at local shops whenever possible. Alas, that option has become tougher over the years, and now another stalwart is set to close. Melody Records on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont is set to shutter sometime this winter. Bummer.

• The frigid temps aren't the only thing biting more than usual this morning. Starbucks raised their prices on your morning coffee by 1 percent. Happy New Year.

• This is just a plain old fun graphic that I think everyone can relate to.

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