Sinclair Skinner is many things: a former Advisory Neighborhood Commission member, an engineer, an entrepreneur, an activist.



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Two years ago, he became a public face of everything that many argued was wrong with former Mayor Adrian Fenty: that the mayor favored his fraternity brothers and friends for contracts and jobs.

Skinner, who is one of the fraternity brothers, was called to testify before the city council in 2010 because his engineering company made about $900,000 for work on city parks and recreation centers, an arrangement many people said smacked of cronyism.

An 18-month investigation found that Skinner, along with another Fenty friend may have overcharged the city for work and had unexplained financial ties to each other and to subcontractors. Skinner has denied the allegations saying there was no connection between theses financial ties and the contracts he received.

Since Fenty’s departure from office last year, Skinner has continued to defend his friend’s legacy. Now comes a 12-part animated biography of Fenty that was produced by the former mayor’s friend. The series, called “Courage of Conviction,” takes us through the young mayor’s time in college, law school and his days in politics.

We are publishing the series on our site, one segment each week, and hope to get your feedback.

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